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Our three main areas of service are house building, heating and ventilation services, and supplying timber and building materials. 

House Building

House Built By E&H Building Contractors

House Built By E&H Building Contractors

We are well placed to meet and surpass the standards set by the new 2010 UK building regulations - largely brought about due to concern over climate change ... read more.

 Our experienced team, including an in-house architect:


Take a look at our award-winning designs and projects for detailed illustrations of what we can do.

Heating and Ventilation Services

E&H Heating and Ventilation

E&H Heating and Ventilation

The cost of keeping your home warm has increased dramatically recently. We are focused on providing sustainable, low-energy solutions to heating issues.

With growing environmental concerns worldwide we pride ourselves on an ability to provide energy-efficient methods and install renewables like solar and wind power... read more

Timber and Building Supplies

From our Tingwall base (ten minutes from Lerwick) we provide a wide range of timber and building supplies at competitive prices ... see a list of supplies

E&H Heating and Ventilation

We provide sustainable, low-energy solutions to all heating and ventilation issues.

Visit our Heating and Ventilation website to find out more...

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